“You want me to hack the planet?”


There are a compendium of factors that allow for life to exist on Earth, one of the most important of which is our core. Earth’s core is made up of molten metal that swirls and churns, generating a powerful magnetic field that shields the planet from radiation and solar wind. Our core is vital to the continued existence of life on earth. Without the core, we would gradually lose our atmosphere as cosmic rays charge the gas particles to the point of escape. Mars ‘died’ because it ran out of material to keep its core hot, and as a consequence the core turned solid and stopped moving. When this movement ceased, it lost its protection from solar wind and its atmosphere was stripped away over time. Needless to say, if Earth’s core were to die, that would be bad. Fortunately for us, the expected lifespan of our core is longer than the remaining lifespan of the sun, so it’s not something we really need to worry about. If it did turn off though, we could always send a team of scientists down to the center of the earth to detonate a series of nuclear explosions that should reactivate the core…


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