Bringing It All Together


Wow, it’s been a whole semester already. I’m about to be a senior and that is absolutely terrifying. I swear I was a freshman like two weeks ago. Of course, it’s all relative. If this time has been like a blink of an eye for me, it’s really some infinitesimally small fraction of the first movement of a blink for the universe.

I always had an interest in space but this class has been the first time that I’ve made a concerted effort to really understand things about it.  I think the biggest change for me is how I think about the possibility of life on other worlds. I always thought that we had to find another earth to ever find life, but that perception has changed. Between the moons of the Jovian planets and the fact that most exoplanets we have found tend to be gas giants close to stars, the range of locations that I thought of as possible location for life has been greatly expanded.


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